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  ...         _ _                                          _ _     ...
 ::::          \\\ sTAGE 1 cOMPLEtED <> pAsSED tHRoUGH TY ///      ::::
 :::_   .___.    \                                        /        _:::
 :://-- |   |-----\  24h Static Telnet on broadband ADSL /--------// ::
 |. .___.  _:____ _  ___                                             _:
 _ _|   |_ \_   // //  /____   __ _  cONSOLES/aSCII/aMIGA/gRAFF/=C64 \:
 \\\_   _/__/  /___  _     /__||///  mACINTOSH/mUSIC/sAMPLES  ____    |
    |_  \_\        \ /____/   _      _____ _      _____     ./  _/    .
 .   /_    \________\________\\    ._)  _ \\______\__  \____|   \_ _ _: _
 :     \______\\t^/lp!        ____ |   _/     /     /   \  _|   _////__\\
                             /   /___  \      \ __ \\  _/__\|   \     :/
  > < _ /   / __//__\______\\_\ /_____/ \    \    :
 :     _                  //_____\\:     \      /___|   \_________\  _.
-.----\\-----------------------|   |----- .-----------||-------- ----/:
 | tHE iDEA oF sTYLE iS tHE kEYl___|tO aLL fORMs oF rOCKiNG - TY 9603 |_

B R E A K P O I N T   2 0 0 4 

A fast Breakpoint report written by Spot / Up Rough.
This is not an Up Rough release and everything written here is my opinions
that are based on my quite blurry memory, so, lots of things written 
here might be untrue and so on................

I went to the party with the TULOU bus from Sweden. Pumba, Esau, Altruist, 
Iopop, Lai, Dalton, Zeppo, Todi and me (Spot) was present in the bus. It was a 
long drive but it was OK.

We reached Bingen at some point, and it was remarkably different from Sweden. 
Me and Iopop enjoyed the scenery a lot. Iopop especially enjoyed an industrial 
block that appeared all of a sudden in the otherwize quite countryish looking 

There where lots of whine ranks all over the place. Bingen is located in a 
beautiful valley. Most of the buildings are old looking. A weird thing worth 
mentioning about the scenery is that on the hills, (45 degrees slopes) there
where akers all over. I wouldn't want to be the one that has to do the harvest
biz, the traktor is bound to tip over.

Well, after reaching Bingen we spent lots of time trying to find the
party place as Altruist decided to leave the map at home. Smart move! Haha.
We eventually found one of the Breakpoint busses and followed it to the
party that was located some 15 minutes by car from the city.
A small road lead to the party that was located high above bingen at one
of the hills. When you reached the party place you noticed a lot of drunk
sceners outside the party by the fire place, and an ATI sponsored helicopter,
that would let you take a look at bingen from above, for 10 euros. Cool!

The party place was quite shabby, half of it was some remains from some 
military activity and one part of the building was a big tent.
You entered the party through the tent, inside the tent you could buy beer and 
coke. This was also the place where all organizers where. The info desk etc.
A nice thing worth mentioning is that there was a bigscreen and some speakers 
in the tent aswell as in the big hall. So, if the main hall was too crowded 
(wich it was during most compos, finding a seat was hard!) you could watch the
compos on this alternative bigscreen, nice! One beer was 2 euros, and you got 50
cents back when returning the bottle. Dipswitch took the opporturnity and
collected a bag of bottles and got some 'free' beer, that he provided himself, me 
and aBHO with, thanks mate! :)
(Sorry for Dissapering during the PC compo, hehe, but it was too boring and I 
went to the fireplace instead thinking that I would hook up with you guys after
the compo, wich I didnt for some reason... Sorry! :) Well, this leads me to 
the compos.)


The first compo worth mentioning was the C64 4k compo that wasnt that bad, 
but some more entries would be nice. 

C 6 4   4 k   I n t r o   R e s u l t s

1 Bar4Kode - Krill/Plush & Fanta/Plush
2 Bonfire - Dekadence
3 Rastafari - Padua
4 Who cares - Viznut / PWP
5 Perkele Remix - WDKD


The C64 demo competition was a dissapointment, no really
good entries. The winning demo by camelot contained some nice design though, 
and it deserved the first place in my opinion.
The second place demo was more like a slideshow. It was a trailer for
AEGs new freeware game for the C64, Turrican 3! The demo displayed a lot of
pictures from the game intro, and a scroller containing the game story. A lot of
people actually fell asleep during this entry, as it was really long and lots of
the pictures was displayed like, forever. I was missing some ingame action! 
Respect for porting Turrican 3 to the C64 though, I heard some rumours about the
game being really good!

C 6 4   D e m o   R e s u l t s

1 You know the routine 2 - Camelot
2 The Return of Darkness - Smash Designs
3 Flut - Zed Yago / K2 + Borjei / K2
4 Darwin - The Dreams
5 Dont meet Crest - Crest
6 Christfuck - Conflict / Metalvotze
7 Sideborder Upscroller - Bennysoft


The console competition was very nice, a decent amount of entries.
The winning one from Mat Current, for Nokia phones really kicked ass!
Respect to Mat Current for making hi-tech stuff for lo-tech hardware, and lo-tech
stylish stuff for hi-tech PC hardware! I really enjoyed Mat Currents PC demo aswell.

Metalvotze (I believe) released a demo for a really old paperclip based computer called
L.I.S.A. The demo was presented as an old black and white movie. 
All you saw was this anicent old computer/printer thingie that was being fed paperstrips
with lots of holes in them. In the end you could see what that ancient hardware was
told to do, as it printed out an ascii image of a woman! Fresh!

There was also a demo for B/W Gameboy released and an OK demo for PS2 by #PS2Dev.
Worth mentining about the PS2 demo is that it is a massive effort by lots of coders,
all coders contributed with one part each I think, I you take that into consideration
I think the final product was really nice. There where also a Gamecube demo released, but
it was quite crappy actually. Bad design and some basic shaded objects.

C o n s o l e   a n d   R e a l   W i l d   R e s ul t s 

1 pioneers+hiteksounds - matt current
2 L.I.S.A. - nitro/ainc vs bb/voz
3 Complex - Doomsday
4 This Side Up - ph0x/amuQ
5 Kinderkram - Hitmen
6 Atu' al-umaj - Jumalauta
7 Oddment - PS2DEV
8 Megademo 2 - Limp Ninja
9 BP04 Overview - .waffle / SDK


The Amiga 4K competition was better than I would have believed it to be.
The winner Ikanim by Loonies was really appreciated by the audience. It was a 
parody of Farbraushs' winner PC demo from last year, featuring a dancing disco 
dude at some disco!

The 'Tribute to Acid' was a nice surprise delivered by Nature. The greatest
thing about this intro was the really nice TB-303 soft synth! Respect!

Amiga 4k Intro Results

1   Ikanim - Loonies
2   Tribute to Acid - Nature
DSQ Sexrefs - Loaderror/Eph


The Amiga 64k intro was not the best one I have seen, but it was allright.
Some more entries would have been nice. The audience liked it though, people
where shouting and clapping their hands. The winner intro by Scoopex really 
didn't deserve the first place. I have seen better things from the people behind 
it before, this intro wasn't anything special, and the design was kind of poor, 
guess the name Scoopex had something to do with the position. One of RNOs' intros 
deserved the first place.

A m i g a   6 4 k   I n t r o

1 A Dream - SCOOPEX
2 Electronic Soul - RNO
3 Zer0-FX - dodge, dirtie, maze, elapse
4 Aika - RNO


I cant say much about the PC competition as I didnt watch much of it.
I did see the winning joke demo by MetalVotze. The vocals in the song kept
repeating 'we have computers that can beat your computers' and they displayed 
some images of C64s. So Metalvotze, if you really have computers that can beat 
our computers, why not put them to good use instead of releasing a lame PC demo, 
hoping that you can attract some votes from old sceners? Well, I guess it 
worked, but I think you got most of your votes from young lame wannabe sceners 
that voted for your production to be k3wl and 01dsK00l. Sorry guys, you didn't 
get my vote. ;P Moppi productions deserved the first place I heard.

P C   D e m o   R e s u l t s 

1 Winnerdemo - Metalvotze + AWC
2 Assembly '04 invitation - Moppi Productions
3 Panjabmoore meets 007 again - Calodox
4 X-MIX 2004: ion traxx - mfx & Kewlers
5 bouNCE - Nuance
6 Syntonic Dentiforms - Nesnansk!
7 Zyprexa - Bauknecht
8 In Crapula Veritas - Fairlight
9 fr-035: Deleted Scenes - Visualice
10 nighshift - delight!
11 Demo Borgir - SquoQuo
12 daddy was a registered trademark - matt current
13 Spherical Harmonics once were silent movies superstars - (Italian DemoMafia
     AllStars) Soolta, DiXan and ozon
14 Come to my world - BamboOS, Stilgar, Neuroup, Shexbeer / ADDICT
15 Fly - Puns
16 R08080 - XPLSV & Stravaganza
17 Palais Bauschaumburg - SquoQuo
18 TH(an)X - Gargaj, Sybex, dotwaffle
19 4 Gomen Nasai - Minimalartifact
20 3 57005 - Aspirine Prod.
21 2 Aneurysm01 - Aneurysm
22 MooJuice's Revenge - Rawhed+NiMH


I missed most of the entries in this compo, I was busy watching the bonfire outside
and getting drunk. :( The ones i remember from the few I saw was Trip to Breakpoint
by Conflict/Metalvotze. It wasn't about the trip to breakpoint, but the trip to The
Party 92 or something like that! I loved it. Also aBHOS contribution was funny!
FR-039 didnt deserve the second spot I think, as it was more like a non-realtime
PC demo than an animation. Why not release it as a short PC demo instead?

A n i m a t i o n   a n d   V i d e o

1 Out Back Intro - neuro.concept
2 FR-039: Collage Faction - Visualice & Little Bitchard
3 Alien Invasion - ABHO/FLO
4 Rabbit in your head - Moods Plateau
5 Enjoy the silence - NOSFE
6 Victory - MJFN
7 Wenn Kühe fliegen - mados/PAiN^TAP
8 what is your desire ? - olympx^app
9 Trip to Breakpoint - Conflict/Metalvotze
10 Mongo Norway - Response/Darklite
11 Water_Freez_BP2k4 - cQBs^os


The Amiga Demo compo was a nice surpize! It was delayed for 10 minutes or so,
and while waiting, a c64 screen told us that "It is now time for the Amiga Demo 
competition, and let us tell you something, IT ROCKS!" People went mad even
before the compo started, clapping their hands and screaming! :) The competition
started and it was the best Amiga compo I have seen since Mekka Symposium 2001. 
Almost all entries where of really high quality and the audience almost
rioted! :) 
After the compo I was so excited that I spontaniously hugged Loaderror/Eph! 
TBL really deserved the 1st place, all my new found respect for them, this demo 
was so much better than their last ones.
The textures in a scene where you flew over a snowy mountain was fucking 
awesome. The 3D engine was improved too, it can now squeeze out lots more polys
from our old 68k hardware.
The Mawi demo was executed on a Pegasos, and there where lots of discussinos 
wether it should be allowed to contribute together with the amiga demos or be 
moved to the console compos. I would have preferred a separate AmigaOne/Pegasos
competition, but it is to early for that now, as there aint that many
AmigaOne/Pegasos groups yet, hopefully in the future! Great demo from 
Mawi anyway. Lots of people thought the Up Rough demo deserved the 3:rd place, 
I don't really care, I enjoyed most of the demos.

A m i g a   D e m o   R e s u l t s   - The ressurection of the Amiga Scene! :)

01 Silkcut - TBL
02 Fluffy Digital Snowflakes - Madwizards + Suspend
03 Respirator Stories - Ephidrena
04 Heart-Core - Iris
05 demotron++ - creative minds
06 Live Axxion - The Showdown - Up Rough Soundsystem
07 No Bonus - Funktion
08 Carbon - Tulou
09 The Life At The Farm - Mankind
10 Fuck Off 9007 - BOOZOHOLICS
11 You are completely Anonymous - Monkeyman and Xeron


The food at the party was of QUITE german standard, curry wurst disgusting meat
like that. In another food stand they sold sandwiches and some vegetarian food 
that was a bit better, but they where really unfriendly and refused to speak 
english. Gilligan/Triad did let them know about it though! ;)
The food in the town of Bingen was a bit better though, one day we went to eat 
at a chinese restaurant that was really nice, they even gave us some free booze.
One of the funnier moments was when Blackdroid/Wrath Designs ordered milk to go 
with the food, and the waiter started laughing uncontrolled! :)
The toilets at the party where super nice, they had some guys and girls 
supervising them all the time. If you stole a roll of paper, it was replaced 

I met lots of nice guys at the party. aBHO and I spent some time together, we 
started doing a live ascii colly that went quite freaky after a few lines, 
when we started talking about fistfucking and other nice things! Here's a fist 
made out of pure gold for you aBHO! Hope to meet you again!
I also met Dispwitch/DCS who joined Up Rough, welcome aboard mate! Good luck 
with Evoke and let them raggajungle mods hit my inbox!

I also met the norwegian guys in Ephidrena, really nice guys, sorry for laughing
at your funny language all the time! I was drunk what can I say! Haha... 

I also met Kiero/Mawi and The Hooligan / DCS, hehe, we emidiatly ended up 
discussing AmigaOS4 vs Morphos, I was listening most of the time, and Kiero 
and THG was having a fight by themselves, they where so drunk i guess they 
forgot about AmigaOS4, and the fight was more like Morphos vs Morphos vs BBRV!
Nice meeting you, you blue troll bastards! :)

I met Theo and Chip of Kangaroo, Chip is an AmigaOS4 betatester, and he told me 
it is SOO close now, the AmigaOS pre-release is being shipped for duplication 
this week. Hans-Jöerg Frieden also confirmed this in a thread on
in a way, he said that they had a dedline for this tuesday, ehm, well the first
tuesday after the party, and he said it was looking really good in means of 
time vs completion.
The AmigaOS4 installer docs is out on the net now aswell, that's fresh, can't
wait! But I have said that many times before, my girlfriend is just laughing at
me whenever I mention AOS4 to her nowadays. Haha... 

Slummy/Spaceballs was quite drunk when I met him, and he had almost lost his
voice, so had Maktone and Leia. Leia was sick though. The others where not. :)

Fairlight organized a 'MR. Freshness compo' and some disgusting sceners where
told to enter the stage. The most unfresh dude would win the compo. Hell broke
loose. Some finish dude in Dekadence undressed to get some more attention. 
And then Sir Garbage Truck entered the stage with his ... well ... 
American body! People started shouting "Undress!!!" and he actually did, at 
that point my eyes stopped focusing on the stage, I focused on the floor 
instead. The organizers was quite happy about the distractions I guess, as some
compo was heavilly delayed and people was busy looking at the freaks on the 
stage, forgetting about the compo. Well, the freaks wouldn't
leave the stage, and Bronix dropped his pants aswell, and the some guy starting
sucking him off, I don't know who, as I was so disgusted I didn't dare to look!
After that Sir Garbage truck and that dude from Dekadence was still at the the 
stage and the Dekadence guy starting talking really serious drunk nonsense about
the scene, I booed and Sir Garbage truck got really angry, most of the audience
was quite fed up at that point, and Gilligan/Triad immitaded the BP04 jingle 
and shouted (reffering to a certain american body) "Bubba Fat, Bubba Fat, please 
come to the information disk, someone is waiting for you!" I laughed so hard I
almost fell off my chair!

When it was time for the price ceremony, Steeler entered the stage and announced
a surpize compo. They had logged the biggest porn FTP at breakpoint.
The winner had leeched 65 gigs(!!!) of porn I believe, and the runner up had 
tried to hind himself behind three different IP's, but they got him, together 
with his name and his table number! It was hilarious. The winner even entered 
the stage and collected his price, 10 meters of printed logs, and something that
I can't remember! :)

I met lots of more nice guys at the party, nice to meet you all! Lots of details
are left out of this report, i can't be bothered to type anylonger...

Thanx for reading my fast report, I really enjoyed the party and I will be back
for more!

..Spot/Up Rough
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