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2004-04-16 23:04:24
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  • bunt4k.cmd 3.97K
  • bunt4k.nfo 657B
  • bunt4k.scr 4.52K


bunt4k by rufusul

basic effect coding back in '99
thought it was time to do something with it just before bp'04
tried to do fit this into 4k but failed (deadline 10am sux anyway)
found the nasty cab/cmd trick on some 4k releases
well now it's less than 4k
added the vote "effect"

wintermute^abyss: the vote letters
cydo: help and the unused first version of the vote letters
rest: rufusul (

oh yes, this intro uses ddraw (7?), code for this is inspired by tinyptc (thx!)

the bunt4k.scr was just a hack of a pingpong loop, lacks a preview mode and
crashes while computer is locked, but i don't care