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· ._____ ._____.______.__ __._____._____  ·
: |:·   \|  ·  |_    _)  |·:|:·.  \  ___) :
¦ |  ¡   )  ¡  | |  | |  |  |     /  _)_  ¦
| |  |__/|:.|__| |:.| |  !  |  |__)__ .:| |
| `--'   `--'    `--' `-----'--' [cf]`--' |
`-------------- - presents - -------------'

            [ Tribute to Acid ]

  4k by Pezac/Nature for Breakpoint 2004
         (Req: AGA/020+/FPU/16MB)


                      P e z a c  /  N a t u r e

                           p r e s e n t s

                -   T r i b u t e   t o   A c i d   -

                         a   4 k   i n t r o

                f o r   B r e a k p o i n t   2 0 0 4

        .--  A d d i t i o n a l  C r e d i t s  ---- -  -   -
        |     Packer by Azure              (with permission)
        |        C2P by Blueberry/Loonies  (with permission)
        `--------------- -  -   -

 4k - The ultimate coder challenge, size large enough to do something
      interesting and size small enough to hinder incbins :)

 F e a t u r e s |

Softsynth including drums, bassline, filters, delay and distortion
Streaming sound using 14bit/28604Hz
Multiple-pass visualization effects that run one-frame
Acid music :)

 R e q u i r e m e n t s |

AGA, 020+, FPU, 16MB fastmem

If you have only 16MB fastmem like me, you might have to run this from
a clean startup + setpatch in order to make it work.

 I n f o |

Note: The intro will precalc with a black screen for a while! It takes
some time on 060 so I won't even think about 030.

This 4k has a focus on sound. Most of the size is occupied by softsynth
code and the graphical effects are a result of the the sound.

Actually the bassline synth is trying to mimic the sound of a freebass383
but the result is a bit different from the real thing.

This intro is designed for 060! It will work on 020+ but the result
will not be fun to look at! So if you're watching this intro on anything
except 060 please remember this. This is because the use of muls in some
innerloops and the use of the bigger datacache.

Yes really, I'm using a 2x2 8bit screen year 2004. Why? I wanted all effects
to run one-frame even while using multiple passes when rendering. Also the
streaming system will steal some additional cpu time. I prefer this over
having  a) the same effects with 1x1 and terrible framerate  b) a 1x1 screen
but only using one-pass effects to make it run smoothly.

The softsynth parts are actually designed to work in realtime but for the
sake of speed the music is precalculated. This is the reason why the precalc
is so long but I guess you suspected that already :)

 T e s t e d   o n |

A1200 - Blizzard1260 @ 50

 T h a n k s   t o |

 He made the packer I used. Also for making his source to wave public,
 in which I found out how to make a 256-width-screen centered with
 fetchmode 3. He also helped me a lot with size optimizing and other
 coding stuff (mainly support for the packer) via IRC!

 Great help regarding sound stuff without actually knowing I was planning
 to make a 4k.

 The man who accepted my challenge and after that helped me a bit with
 size optimizing via IRC. Good luck to him in the 4k compo!

 He gave me his non-public 2x1 c2p's for 060, just like that.

Csound staff: 
 Making their great knowledge available to everyone regarding sound stuff.

 He helped me very close to breakpoint with a strange code-growing error.
 It wasn't so strange when you realized what it was though :) I managed
 to make the offsets in a struct larger than 16bit and the offsets are
 used many times in the code.

 C o n t a c t |

You'll find Nature's homepage at:
If the redirector doesn't work the real address is:
.. but please don't save that one, it might change in the future.

 N a t u r e   v s   E p h i d r e n a |

As written by Zerox/Gods in Eurochart 37 there really was a 4k challenge
going on between me and Loaderror/Ephidrena. I challenged Loaderror on IRC
in 2003 to make the best 4k for Breakpoint'04 and this is what came out.

Now at last you must know the truth:  roger federer > all
                                      mirko "cro cop" filipovic > all