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       4k intro

      by Loonies

1st at BreakPoint 2004

    Final version,
  October 31st, 2004


Idea:    Maytz
Code:    Blueberry
Music:   Booster


030+FPU, AGA
2 MB fastram
060 highly recommended

Or a suitable configured UAE

Additions in the final version 

- Additional and improved character
- Longer start wait
  (so the monitor has time to switch)
- 25pfs limit to make the motion blur look
  correctly on fast machines
- Timing adjustments to make the animations
  fit better to the music on slow machines
- Special hi-res version (320x200 resolution)
  for extra viewing pleasure on very fast

Some words about the code (for the curious)

The 3D engine is a subpixel precise flatshading
engine doing ambient, diffuse and specular
lighting based on a single, fixed light source.
The color, transparency and lighting parameters
can be set on a per polygon basis.

All 3D transformations and edge calculations
are performed in floating point. An ordinary
transformation matrix stack is used to express
all transformations.

The character animations are defined by
specifying the center, amplitude and phase for a
sinusodial angular movement around two axes for
each of the ten body parts. The body parts are
joined together at fixed relative positions.

To save space, most of the code is encoded in
a specialized instruction format which is
decoded prior to execution. The compilation of
the intro is a three-step process (including
compression), where ordinary 68xxx instructions
are translated automatically into the
specialized format.

For additional information

Loonies home page:

Forum on pou√ę

Breakpoint homepage: