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2004-06-07 23:08:01
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  • data/ dir
  • data/background.hwl 234.15K
  • data/bplogo.hwl 11.08K
  • data/delax1.hwl 183.60K
  • data/delax1_alpha.hwl 18.11K
  • data/delax2.hwl 178.10K
  • data/delax2_alpha.hwl 17.83K
  • data/floor.hwl 155.23K
  • data/grass.hwl 98.16K
  • data/grass_alpha.hwl 13.48K
  • data/loading.hwl 13.07K
  • data/love.hwl 7.53K
  • data/move.hwl 4.10K
  • data/partyfresse.mp3 2.09M
  • data/ppl1.hwl 106.45K
  • data/ppl1_alpha.hwl 7.57K
  • data/ppl2.hwl 110.37K
  • data/ppl2_alpha.hwl 6.63K
  • data/ppl3.hwl 93.88K
  • data/ppl3_alpha.hwl 8.99K
  • data/seeyou.hwl 8.99K
  • data/speakers.hwl 14.85K
  • data/speakers_alpha.hwl 9.89K
  • data/standup.hwl 3.02K
  • data/sucks.hwl 4.93K
  • data/topy1.hwl 162.35K
  • data/topy1_alpha.hwl 17.87K
  • data/topy2.hwl 161.91K
  • data/topy2_alpha.hwl 24.98K
  • data/verschdl1.hwl 150.79K
  • data/verschdl1_alpha.hwl 16.32K
  • data/verschdl2.hwl 143.29K
  • data/verschdl2_alpha.hwl 16.35K
  • data/whoops.hwl 5.51K
  • fmod.dll 144.50K
  • main.exe 68.50K
  • readme.txt 515B
  • script.dlx 692B


This is not a demo.
It is not.
Or maybe it is.
We just wanted to send some greetings to the
Birdie people. We liked it there last year.
Too bad they decided to have the party the
same time as Breakpoint. Duh!
Anyway. As you all know by now the music is
the ghettorocker tune by Wayfinder. Jaja, ripping
sucks, but we wanted to send authentic greetings
from the BP. Now guess what we hear here all the
time. Right.
Other shit by the crazy germans aka Delax, Verschdl
and Topy.

Boy, we are very drunk.