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  • Angeles-SAFE.exe 6.50K
  • Angeles-XP.bat 4.00K
  • README.txt 1.51K



"San Angeles Observation"

4 KB intro

an ARMADA / TRAUMA production



Fairly fast OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics card is required. Only
standard OpenGL is used, so there is no need for a specific brand. The
intro is tested mainly on GeForce4 and Radeon 9600XT level and newer

There is two versions included:
* Angeles-XP.bat is only for Windows XP. Tested to be properly working
  with Windows XP with Service Pack 1. This is the compo version which
  is 4 KB in size (or actually a few bytes less).
* Angeles-SAFE.exe for other Windows flavors, tested to be properly
  working with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


tonic (Jetro Lauha)	- Code, models and design. (
!Cube (Toni Lönnberg)	- Music and synth code. (

Thanks and Acknowledgements:

st Rana (Sara Kapli)
	- Additional design.
Paul Bourke
	- Excellent and helpful resources on his home page.
Johan Gielis
	- Discovered the superformula/supershape.
	- We developed the synth using his synth as a base.
	- The "Dropper" executable packer.
Sol, n!ko, McLad, Phaser, XMunkki, Taumel, Mik,
Random, Stallone, John Peeba, Tug, Hassu, Mental
	- Helpful input, beta testing, providing dll files.

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