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RullakkoRalli - Trolley Rally by Lasi Interactive
Homepage of Lasi Interactive:

The game runs only on Linux at the moment, but we are working
on a Windows-port, so hold on and check our pages :)
Game uses ODE-library for realistic physics.

Rullakkoralli is a hilarious game about one of the most 
famous activities in Assembly - moving stuff with trolleys 
(rullakko). We thought that a game about trolleying would fit
best on the Assembly Gamedev-compo, and we started to make 
the game on the Assembly'03. The idea is to race your trolley
to victory. You compete against AIA-drivers (Artificial 
Idiotism Algortihm) in various locations of Hartwall Arena.

The Gameplay
You drive with *arrowkeys*. Left and right moves you left or
right, kick more speed with up-arrow and brake with down. 
Turning is hard in fast speed, like it really is, so keep 
your speed down in the curves. Each level ends when you have
entered all the checkpoints. Arrows in the level show you the
route, and the white line is the finish-line (How obvious is
that?). When you win a level, you get respect. When the game
ends, the player who has most respect, wins. You can also 
throw objects on other players by perssing *space*. 
You select the objects with numberkeys. If you hit a player, 
it will lose some balance and speed, so you can drive pass 
them quite easily ;).

Remember to have fun when playing!
If you find bugs, PLEASE contact someone at our homepage or in IRC, #lasi @ IrcNet

	- Lasi Interactive