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	Cadog Adventures Assemlby'04 v.1.0.

		- TA Studios -

 Oh my... just got the game done in time. 
 Even came home after recording a clip from
 it to fix a final bug :) 

 Well, it's done now. And I'm happy with it.

 Many thanks to:

 Tiberian Adventures (CoW_In_ThE_WeLl and Evil_Steve - Thank you!!!)

 And my RealLife(tm) friends for allowing me to 
 geek around in front of the computer once in a
 while :D 

 Also a big thanks to all who I served in the
 army with - You made me look bad enough not
 to end up in school. Hence, I was able to 
 make this game now!

 Take care and enjoy the game!

 Niklas Wahrman (


 Copyright Niklas Wahrman 2004