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  • data.pak 11.47M
  • demotractor.dll 972.10K
  • fmod.dll 122.50K
  • I am.exe 300.00K
  • i am.txt 801B
  • libpng12.dll 225.06K
  • zlib1.dll 69.00K


             I am by Traction



 .reasonable computer with GF2 class GFX card



.People responsible

 .Preacher -       - Code
 .Vulture  -    - Code
 .Kofeiini - - Graphics
 .Grip     -           - Music 


 .Numedia Cyclops
 .Promille Dezign
 .Our fans and friends around the world, you know who you are


 .We apologize for the scene poetry
 .We apologize for it being unfinished. 
  Too much interference from the Real Life. 
 .We are looking for new members

.Thank you