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Screenshot (by pouë



47`111.0 by Faktory (final version 16-08-2004)
8th position at Assembly 2004( helsinki, finland, 5/8/2004)

uttumuttu...photonmapping,caustics, fluid code

fmod for audio(


We eat your fillrate.                           yum.

Minspec: P4 2ghz, geforce2+/radeon9000+, opengl, win32
the demo doesn't use any special shaders but it uses a lot
of need a fast card. also the fluid and raytracing 
uses a lot of CPU.

this demo was created in very little time, so
it may seem a bit rushed.
all models were created in max+maya.
thanks to castor for his design,modelling and moral support
thanks to Jupiter for music timing help :)
coding was done in C++ using VC6
initial push to make demo is thanks to Geel

we were working on this until 2mins until the deadline..
deadline time to upload it - the wifi lost connection :>
hehe..luckily it came back just in time.

btw the aviwriter runs at 60fps so it will take a while to write it out.
the avi will have no music, so it will need to be added in a program
like virtualdub(

known bugs:

"the sync is out, especially at the stary when the ball bounces"
	yeah, we know..this bug has plagued us ;) it seems a bit random,
	try running fullscreen/windowed/faster pc.


to all in the demoscene
all our friends