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Paranoid by Numedia Cyclops
(featuring Tapuli City Big Band)
for silent movie competition
at Altparty V, Helsinki, Finland 1/04

We started brainstorming in mid December and thought that we should come
up with something original for the silent movie competition at Altparty.
Obviously, when you make something for a such compo, it shouldn't look
like it's just a video with the audio track removed. Yeah, right. We
decided to make a music video. Last time we made a music video many
people failed to realize it was a music video. This time we wanted to
make it clear.

Tapuli City Big Band was formed just for this particular event. The band
consisted of Olli "olaus" Hakkarainen, Martti "Nanaste" Laitinen, Otto
"Mumakil" Vehviläinen, Tuomas "Thatti" Sipilä, Otto "ozmoosi" Palonen,
Pekka "durbuhuru" Tolvanen, Timo "lindi" Lindfors and Maija "DiamonDie"
Haavisto. The result was quite different from the original idea, but
we're quite satisfied with it. Naturally with more appropriate equipment 
it would have been even better. One of the reasons that we had to alter 
the original idea was that Finland practically shuts down from Christmas 
eve all the way to the 7th of January, making it extremely hard to 
acquire equipment and to find suitable filming locations.

edit & cinematography: Arttu "_LUKE_" Haglund
concept & directing: Maija "DiamonDie" Haavisto

We would like to thank the following persons for help and cooperation:

Jukka and Kaarina Hakkarainen
Ismo Kiesiläinen
Markus Larjomaa
And of course, Black Sabbath.

Sound is multimedia, we are numedia.