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 Text-Rausch presents:

  the Text-Rausch Demoshow 2003
  WildDemo for tUM'2003

 As usual we present you a new Textmode
 experience, made with the amazing new
 "mischer" technology and it's brother
 "slicer" which is even more amazing.

 You will experience several old-school
 and new school demos, freshly done in
 our well known style and perfection.

 we are very colorfull! (eat THIS, anti)

 This demo was not only made with our
 superiour ansi engine (mischer! and 
 slicer!) but with the revolutionary
 avant-garde "beeper" pc-speaker

 We are very verrauscht!

 System Req:
  IDE PC-CDROM, PC Speaker,
  viele MHz, 64 MB RAM, EGA

 Made by:
   bf, jh, rd, ds.