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====== the Ultimate Meeting *o3 ======
        "tUM*o3 - tHE oPENING"
     Crazy Avantgarde Productions

      Official Opening Sequence
for tUM*03 held near Mannheim/Germany
      from 27.12. - 29.12.2003

 (Final divX 5.1.1 version / medQ !!)
====== the Ultimate Meeting *o3 ======


This is medQ version of the official tUM opening ceremony called:
"tUM*o3 - tHE oPENING"
done by Weasel of Crazy Avantgarde Productions (C.A.P. TV)

This was done on request (again ;-) ) of the tUM-orgas during
the last 5 days before the party! Hope you like it...

tUM Party was held from 27.12. to 29.12. in Hemsbach / Germany and
offers an alternative event to the lost "The Party" in denmark as
that one doesn't really care about the scene anymore which was clearly
demonstrated at the 2001-event and even more now: This year it was
completely cancelled - even without giving any obvious reason yet!!
(simply go and check:  or  !!!  :-(  )

So if _you_ call yourself a scener as well you should definitely consider
being present at the next year's tUM meetings to feel the _real_
scene-spirit again with all your friends, watching cool compos and enjoying
a well-done scene-party-event the way it should be!

I wanna wish all the organizers much luck and hopefully a GREAT
scene-support also in future to make tUM a worthy SCENE-party around
christmas !!  Thanks for that...

Juergen (aka Weasel) of
Crazy Avantgarde Productions (C.A.P. TV),
Padua, Hitmen and Genesis Project !!

Technical stuff:

High-Q DivX version:
  - divX version: DivX v5.1.1
  - resolution:   768x576 (little cropped)
  - divX-bitrate: 1.200 kbit/s
  - audio-codec:  MP3-FhG-Radium v1.263
  - mp3-bitrate:  256 kbit/s
  - total size:   52.532.134 Bytes
  - duration:     4:49 min.

The video should run smoothly on any nowadays machine with 'normal' hardware!
If you can watch your divX movies on your should be able to
enjoy this one here as well without any problems! ;-)

Scenic, Madwizards, Farbrausch, Addict, NAHKolor, Science,
Black Maiden, Smash Designs, Salva Mea, Kolor
and Reyn Ouwehand !

...for 'providing' me those cut-scenes and musics used in this
   opening show !! ;-)

Even *more* xmas greets to:
Nuance, Haujobb, TAAT, Fake, Padua, Hitmen, Genesis Project,
Crest, Atlantis, Vantage, Scoopex, Wrath Designs, Sueno, MFX,
TPOLM, Park Studios, Anubis, Danish Gold, Metalvotze, Bypass,
Protovision, Conspiracy, Headcrash, Spinning Kids, RSi/TRSi,
CNCD, Orion, Yodel, Fairlight, Kewlers, FAN, The Black Lotus,
Fuzzion, Aenima, Razor 1911, Xplsv, Suspend, Doomsday, Complex,
Moppi Prod., Melon Dezign, AND, ...

...and all I might have forgotten here now in the hurry!

Greetings also to everybody supporting THE SCENE...


Feel free to contact us for whatever reason if you like!


via mail:

via links:

via web:

and for the HiQ (80MB) version follow this link:

please leave your personal comments about it at:

Complete Concept, Design and idea of the show copyright by
C.A.P. TV Germany. All demos, music and programs presented
are still copyright by their original producers and/or groups
all around in the scene.
This video (c) 2003 by Crazy Avantgarde Productions (C.A.P. TV)

Feel free to spread it all around for _free_ !
But be so kind and don't forget to add the correct credits
as well, please!