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    /___              // 
    --  /-, ,-,------//,-,--,-----,---,---,  
  ___/ / /_/ / / / //// / // //==/---/ /--'
 /____`'----'-'-'---´ ´---'-----'---'-'Sundancer Inc.

 "A Bug in the BIOS"
 PC Demo
 Req: Windows, Sound Card, OpenGL
 Released at tUM 2003


                            "A bug in the BIOS" by Sundancer Inc.
                              at tUM*o3, 27.-29.12.2003, Hemsbach 

 It all started with the readme.txt

 It's true.

  This thingy needs plenty of RAM.  So you better have 1 GB ready
  or this thing WILL swap like hell.

  You also should have the newest Radeon of geForce for full gfx.
  Try contacting  ATI or nVidia to get  a preview of the next gen
  card if possible.

  For best audio a TC Powercore is needed, as we use loads of VST
  Filters  and instruments.  Hardware acceleration of those helps
  a LOT!

  Please have around 3 Ghz ready.

  We also support flying pigs and dancing cows.  Have a couple of
  those as well - just in case.

 OK. We lied.
 But the whole mess started with this readme.
 You may thank Basshut for this  Demo as their HHXmasEP2oo3 was a
 great source of inspiration. We thank thee.

  Fx by Delax
  BummBumm by Hopper^SquoQuo

   Delax^Sundancer Inc.

 p.s.  "Look, we got free  alpha blending and all we did was this
        lousy demo!"