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flo: kaikki/everything
-    stream 2003 intro 
--        win32/opengl
---               astu
flo - kaikki/everything


                    stream 2003 intro kompo

once again flo production that's created in
a great hurry, so you should not expect too
much quality. expect quantity.
software synthetizer has some strange bugs, 
but deadline is today, so maybe i'll fix it
and release a final version later. 
i really wont fix it today. booz calling me
also some syncs and design could be nice to
add to this piece of code. 

works atleast with these combinations
      - winxp xp2000+ ati mobile radeon32mt
                  - winxp geforce 4 ti 4600
                        - win2k matrox g450

thanks to mov and synteesi (greetings also)

astu/flo    <->