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Aura for Laura - final version

This is Soopadoopa's entry for the demo-compo at Scene Event 2003
( This demo is for Playstation 2. To run it you should use
Pukklink, Ps2link or Naplink. ( for more information)
The source is available at

The credits:

	Anders Nedergaard Jensen

Music and Graphics:
	Thorsten Ørts

The following libraries were used:

ps2lib 2.0 beta by Gustavo Scotti, Oobles, Sjeep, Pukko, Karmix and mrbrown
OggVorbis by the XIPHOPHORUS Company
Small JPEG Decoder Library v0.93b by Rich Geldreich
jidctint.c by Thomas G. Lane

...see licenses folder for details.

In addition the following sources were useful

Sound example by Icewatus
3Stars by Duke