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          Remedy Scenezone 2003
            26 > 29 June 2003

   Contribs available at:         

Final Comporesults, compiled 29 June 2003, 09.27

C64 Music:
1. (p) Candybag har fotsvett by Insider

Chip Music:
1. (101p) Blåbärstrollen by gr0gg0
2. (64p) 3chnl polkaporn by insider
3. (47p) 1:07 sommar by zantac
4. (38p) Köttfärs. Härsken sådan. by candybag
5. (38p) Ett ton tonfisk by AlgAr

MultiChannel Music:
1. (135p) Marabou Crizp by Mindscope
2. (129p) sun technology by candybag
3. (85p) The joess remedy edit by AlgAr
4. (84p) Midnight Traveling by zantac
5. (81p) Det straalar en stjaerna by Malmen
6. (58p) Infinite Dream by gr0gg0
7. (46p) Bättr än att titta på TV by Gazman /HyperCube
8. (40p) Remedychip by VeNoM
9. (35p) asdf 2 by Jallabert

Wild/MP3 Music:
 1. (73p) Anthem of remedy by zantac
 2. (58p) Burned by XzTrAz
 3. (55p) multiverse by candybag
 4. (54p) 2 är 6 by Psynex
 5. (53p) exxxitebikke by EMP
 6. (53p) Another World by malmen
 7. (33p) galen gumpa hund i tyskland by Gumpa/Indef
 8. (31p) k-line - I Love You [club mix] by k-line
 9. (30p) Byggare Bob's Chip-favoriter by The Goofy DJ
10. (21p) TMDcrew - Dutta by Memetic
11. (18p) Dreams of pharao by Robax
12. (17p) Shining wisdome by Dominote
13. (12p) man by microgroover/wrath d
14. (5p) Remember the remedy by Tech

 1. (71p) liquidredhead by GB
 2. (61p) Samurai Shodown by Phaadi/Rawbin
 3. (43p) Za Uzg by WeeD
 4. (43p) Teknikens Under by Primal Rage
 5. (42p) Old Galdazoth by Hawkin
 6. (30p) Red-Wasp by Tiboz - TmdCrew
 7. (28p) vecgirl by emp
 8. (28p) Hus by Aemon
 9. (27p) broken by clone / wrath design
10. (26p) Infected Mushroom by Raash
11. (24p) Do Drugs Like Gumpa by Gumpa Brothers
12. (18p) Alfred+punkare=sant! by Mindscope
13. (17p) Kinky Kelly in MS-paint by puffen
14. (17p) URK by Rullas
15. (15p) Neon Highway by nr3
16. (12p) We come in peace (shoot to kill) by Gazman /HyperCube
17. (12p) NO PAINt, NO GAIN by Psynex
18. (8p) Elefant nr 1414 by Yggjag
19. (7p) fr33 by Add3
20. (7p) Life on the road by Execute
21. (6p) (Kritiker) by Roqr
22. (5p) sneak3 by demostjart
23. (5p) bara för att... by rickysaur
24. (4p) isn't nice by cawi
25. (4p) miss universe by insider
26. (4p) Asdfmannen by ismannen
27. (2p) daily maddafäcker by candybag
28. (1p) Rymdskepp i Rymden by daGoof
29. (0p) MilitaryCat by StayZ

1. (101p) Stålkalles bil... by Rullas
2. (88p) AK 47 by Hyro
3. (78p) Gumpi by Padi-Gumpa Bros.
4. (60p) Forest Remedy (Deluxe) by Primal Rage
5. (34p) Dator by WeeD
6. (13p) acksident by demostjart
7. (13p) EvilHuve by GB

Combined Intro Compo:
1. (143p) Nat Sal Mag by
2. (76p) Marmelad 2 by THCOutput
3. (75p) Drunken dots by Glass
4. (48p) oldskool owns by Digitalpast

Combined Demo Compo:
1. (169p) schism by noice
2. (70p) exploding teenage emotions by amc
3. (57p) 3 Piece Collage by $ 
4. (38p) Remedy Prison by TMDcrew
5. (37p) xa-002: Scratch by xAngle
6. (36p) We own your language by HyperCube
7. (31p) Tunnel Effect by Up Rough Soundsystem
8. (25p) djonk by woorlic
9. (23p) kaerleksdemot by demostjart

Console Demo Compo:
1. (p) Träskodansen GBA by Illuminati

Wild Compo:
 1. (74p) Uncharted Disorder by Amber Light
 2. (40p) Marabou Crizp (The Video) by Mindscope
 3. (38p) Dreamer by Rawbin & Co.
 4. (34p) jag vill pussas med dig by Gumpa brothers
 5. (32p) Dumbass - Better then Jackass by Talismoon Entertainm
 6. (24p) wunderlich by propagandaministerie
 7. (15p) Ska det ha ett namn också!? by Delar av SVIN
 8. (15p) Gamerz Can Also Be Jackasses by GameCrew
 9. (13p) I Kick Real Hard by Hjorten
10. (10p) Automatiskt GPS och Bilnav. by Elaka
11. (9p) Spank that bitch by Digital Demons
12. (4p) PEZ - Total World Domination by The Munims
13. (2p) Behind closed doors by tres punto´s
14. (2p) Spökifiserat by BMK
15. (2p) rukkas made me do it... by rickysaur
16. (1p) Blink by Condac


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