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  • quadra_slither_final/data/mpaniera.dat 444.57K
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Slither by Quadra - Final version v1.3535 build 235235

Ranked 1st in React 2003 Democompo.

Code by George 'Outsider' Markou & Ioannis 'imak' Makris

Music by Tasos 'Thor' Kanellos

Design by (what design???)

We would like to say a big "Thank you" to the organizers (nlogn).
Keep up the good work guyz...

Some stuff about this demo:

This demo was made in a great hurry. The main work was made at the partyplace.
The biggest part of the code was made the day that the deadline ended and the 
music was completed a few minutes before...
Special "thanx" to our University for keeping us away from keyboard :)
We are very happy we made it at last... This is our first demo ever.

Mega Greetz fly to the following ppl:

RandomGr for his mental support ;)
Nando and XPrience for the company...
Wcf for his good work

nlogn, TheLab, asd, Deus, Nasty Bugs, Dirty Minds for keeping the spirit of the Greek Demoscene alive

Cybernoid for the great 'Quadra' logo.
exilis, apomakros, abishai, j0bo, dsfd, Alias Medron, CjDib, ^gfx, T33
NapoUser (the arch-leecher) for totally breaking our nerves during the party ;)
Zafos for his usual Ksys support :) (outsider : and his great articles at
All those who competed in React 2003 (great work everyone!)
Last but not least greetz go to Vassiliki(by George) and Popi(by Tasos) for their great 
mental (and body ;) support and understanding during the making of this demo...
We love u both :))

See you all at the next demoparty...

Thor and Outsider.

Check us out in (soon....)