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Combined Demo:
1 (131p) Aramchek by #HACK.SE
2 (62p) inte så värst nöjd 2003 by kolorex/algar
3 (42p) tjallden by Berserk
4 (41p) Downward Motion by morten/Rashbox jorgen/Rashbox
5 (28p) Improvised by Improvise
6 (24p) Karisma by Projekt Pelikan
7 (17p) WhiteRabbit by Wretched
8 (15p) Gamers aren´t Lamers by  Dragonslayer and Bloodaxe
9 (14p) Second Cumming by gange
10 (12p) Visualisation by Outpost Crew

Combined 64k:
1 (255p) Impulse from nowhere by Digital Devotion
2 (248p) HiH by Replay & Dubmood / Razor1911
3 (216p) 64kilobyte teenage riot och sånt där by Daggerr cryptic & zabutom / Fyllecell
4 (81p) The Very Intro(Teaser) by TOAD

Combined 4k:
1 (166p) sca9_dh01 by Wildcat/Scania
2 (122p) sca9_dh2 by Mojo/Scania
3 (89p) flomp by Larsby
4 (81p) Coola Brudar by buzzie/Digital Devotion

Oldskool / Alternative Platform Demo:
1 (207p) Quantum Chromodynamics by Tapir
2 (167p) Elite ninja ninjas by Misfit / d4rkn3ss
3 (122p) I am Back by Chucky / The Gang
4 (43p) skaegg. by namhcu/gamkiller_fanclub

Hand Drawn Graphics:
1 (204p) Innocent by bM [t.f.g.x]
2 (108p) Flowerforest by Jan-Ove "Jove" Leksell
3 (77p) What Awaits by Craven
4 (57p) Broken Dream by GB/SolidChaos
5 (45p) PCn brann by Jesper Sillanpää
6 (42p) Milf by psyenze / HFS
7 (41p) The Assassin by Rob-O
8 (36p) Pixel Overkill by Oboy & wkk
9 (25p) DarkLotus by Delilah
10 (22p) Creator of worlds by Nisse/The Gang
10 (22p) Pimpress by nykklass
11 (21p) With a mouth full you cant speak by 40ounce/d4rkn3ss
12 (19p) Lost memory by Phreak of Phobia
13 (18p) Peakaboo by theodore
14 (14p) Sophia by cokine / eqate
15 (13p) Beautyshoppe by twinbee
16 (12p) londhar by crispy / iNKA
17 (11p) Gazman Land, where the sun don't shine by Gazman/HyperCube

3D Generated Graphics:
1 (188p) Lego by Kakmonsterklubben
2 (132p) Tjock Robot by Rullas
3 (112p) #45 by twinbee
4 (111p) Svamproom by Hurreman
5 (106p) Bioexplosion by Xorious
6 (64p) RayDream by Bengt "Condac" Röjder
6 (64p) AEOLIAN by kuatr0
7 (59p) Comedor da Carne by O:et/Scania
8 (56p) medic-girl by HAJVAN
9 (53p) Fockewulf 190A by Alla Xul av Filosoferna / iCE
10 (50p) Transformers by 3ph3dr4  / S.B.F.K
11 (39p) Unamplified Spot by RubiCube
12 (38p) pungosaurus by [TFGX]
13 (37p) Fertilizer by Turbohasse
14 (35p) Hovercraft by wkk / Digital Devotion
15 (33p) House in Madrid by OpenTokix of d4rkn3ss

Oldskool Graphics:
1 (232p) Space Pirates by Nisse/The Gang
2 (170p) Skummpuss by GB/SolidChaos
3 (146p) House of the Rising Space by Alla Xul av Filosoferna / iCE
4 (121p) Gaymers Najtmäre by dXtr/ncg
5 (92p) Tuition of contrition by Jpx
6 (71p) Isometric by wkk / Digital Devotion
7 (21p) Compusphere 14 by Orbiter
8 (13p) Nyckeln till framtiden by Qdor/Digital Devotion
9 (10p) All16 by Gouafhg / theGang
10 (5p) Blowing brain by m0ns^

Freestyle Music:
1 (57p) Nerds Inc by Bliss of Fairlight
2 (56p) machine by Slumgud / Razor1911 .feat pan & flux
3 (54p) Dancefloor Devil by nadom/FylleCell
4 (46p) Slumberjack by Brave New Word
5 (45p) Aside From Reality by Diatonic
6 (42p) aurora by Dioxys
7 (39p) Club Soda by Monochromic
7 (39p) Destination Dreamhack by mrdeath/scoopex
8 (36p) Cubix ³ by Tara
9 (29p) Re-Memorize by Craven
10 (28p) After Midnight by Wiseman
11 (8p) Happy Gadget by makke/confine

Tracked Multichannel Music:
1 (111p) Retro Gameing by Peter Brunni
2 (91p) julkaksbakning by fegolhuzz(kakmonsterklubben)
3 (84p) Filosofernas Segertåg by Kapten Floede av Filosoferna
4 (82p) Starfish by Monochromic
5 (80p) marmeladkavalkad by zabu OF fyllecell
6 (59p) Beverlyhills cop chip.rmx by Phreak of Phobia
7 (57p) The ultimate raj by AlgAr
8 (55p) Fooze - Skalefish by AnimeOne
9 (53p) TJC by VeNoM
9 (53p) Next stop is home. by [sideshowBoB]/lembaum
10 (48p) and rain by nim
11 (47p) November by Jallabert
12 (42p) hellforce by psyenze / HFS
13 (34p) Moments of Joy by Saimo and Mouse

Oldskool Music:
1 (118p) Såhär kan man göra by Zabutom & Dubmood / Fyllecell
2 (84p) Castles & Adventures by mrdeath/scoopex
3 (69p) knas by zaiko
4 (65p) Magic Cookie Maker by Kapten Floede av Filosoferna
5 (61p) r0lfs pepparkakshus! by moh / GALM
6 (58p) när totte svalde en julmandel by fegolhuzz(kakmonsterklubben)
7 (43p) Sömnbrist by AlgAr
8 (38p) rackarns kastanjetter by insider
9 (32p) Sprit i toan by llame
10 (29p) Brownish Sausage by Algon & Scatman
11 (28p) marmeladhallon by nim
12 (27p) gRAFF by Gouafhg theGang
13 (26p) Down The Chipper by Monochromic
14 (23p) Mein Auto by Qdor/Digital Devotion
15 (16p) Rotating clips by phreak of phobia
16 (15p) Butterfly wings by Mouse and Saimoquest

Movie / Animation:
1 (273p) Vägen till Dreamhack by Arctic
2 (161p) att stula en gb-gubbe by retro
3 (95p) Cyber Phuture Race 2000 by Ridah of Phobia
4 (73p) den brutala sanningen by kakmonsterklubben
5 (66p) Code 404: General Protection Fault by GodZilly(Carl Buhre) och Fishbrain(Jani Körkkö)
6 (62p) Ugly dude - Chop suey by C4D
7 (34p) Linux kernel in a gamers mind. by Mullemeck(KMK)
8 (32p) ÖGLAN by AceR & BeaverLord
8 (32p) Dh d e Där d Händer by Vittinge_Studion
9 (30p) The gaming experience by Mikael Falk
10 (23p) Reality does not exist by wkk, Zelest and theodore
11 (18p) Bajsa! by Cyborg
12 (12p) NPV - vi är npv by miraqlix med hjälp av kompisar
13 (11p) Out of control by Carl Stewart | Nezumi

Surprise Compo "Make us go itzi":
1 (19) vem e han by Fyllecell feat. maldini och boltes
2 (8) Theme of Hanssons kaft by Cyborg
3 (7) The hastgnagg by TJC
4 (6) Buzz lightyears worst nightmare by Propagandaministeriet
4 (6) KrampTramp by iNKA
5 (4) Rysk Techno by Phobia
6 (1) J-Bq feat. Warezlords
6 (1) CP by sc00by feat. akumakun och jolle
6 (1) cotto by qnc
7 (0) Banka snus by Gazm, nsoul, nolter
7 (0) Toppseriost by JonasGlad

Surprise Compo "GUI GFX":
1 (9) surprise gui by bm tfgx
1 (9) Warp de luxe by Gossh übermench
1 (9) GUI Compo by Chafe
2 (7) snow, plx by Tjugan 
3 (2) Birog by Jonas Persson Paska

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