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Results of demozone 2003

      	1st Knowledge

	1st Celtic Mist
	2nd Desert Riders
	1st Tycoon demozone 2004
	2nd Dyna 18
	1st Matrix Latency
	1st On day in a life of a campzoner
	2nd Graszoden

C.u all in 2004 !!

11 days long, open-air fun. As long as the weather is good, sit outside and enjoy yourself. When the weather gets a little worse sit in your tent and enjoy yourself. In stead of most parties, which are almost always indoors, you have much more freedom at Demozone. You can go wherever you like. It's all up to you. You have 11 days to be part of on of the best parties ever, but if you don't feel like codeing or something like that, that's fine. You can go talk with other participants while enjoying a nice cool drink. Do whatever you feel like, it's really all up to you. 

Watch demozone2003_results.avi in the wild directory for a overview

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