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					c r o i s s a n t   n e u f
					b o h e m i q

					anotheur javadémo :)

-- info


a few days afteur our démo for Assembly, being Artnouveau, we weure forced to 
produce anotheur démo. Since this time we wanted to illustrate the true poweur of 
our SW 3D-engine a bit more, we decided to do a 3D-flyby démo this time, instead of 
our previous style.

Influenced by Kasparov and TBL, we wanted to do some mix inbetween for our démo,
so we came up with Kasparov/Farbrausch-like 3D scenes with a TBL dessin twist to 
the démo. The démo itself was done in about two weeks time, the engine had some 
updates to the one we used almost a month ago...  like we added subpixel corrected 
layeurs, translucent objects support, SAT-filteurs, betteur camera animation etc..

-- credits

code 	-	scali
graphiqs	-	maali
musique	-	voodoo

oh and merci bien to paradox, ozon, gargaj and boyc for their support on some

-- requirements

-	we strongly recommend a fast CPU, 2Ghz or betteur. Somehow Intel CPUs 
	perform a tad betteur than AMD CPUs running this démo.
-	About 64 of free RAM
-	Java 1.1 or higheur installed (1.3 or higheur for HQ Ogg Vorbis soundtrack)
-	Earplugs

This démo can be run both in a browseur and as a standalone application.
To run the démo standalone (recommended), use the following syntax (assuming that 
the java binary is in your search path):

  java -jar croissant9.jar <width> <height> <fullscreen>

(Windows useurs with only the MS JVM installed should use 'jview' instead of 'java')

Recommended width and height are 512x256
The fullscreen switch will use a JNI library to set the screenmode, and send the Java
screenbuffeur to screen, via DirectDraw. Sadly, we did not have the time and resources
to develop fullscreen libraries for other systems, so the fullscreen mode is Windows-
only. If anyone wants to write such a library for his or heur system, we will gladly assist 

-- greetz & legal crepe

check our démo and to the the ones we forgot: we love you a lot :*

Démo content is copyrighted by us, bien sur!
We've used the JOrbis library in this production. Merci bien! :)

And we'll give some Mercis (the chocolates) to delilah, ewald, mrmuk and kalms, 
without whom none of this would have been possible.

Zut, c'est tout... au revoir!

bohemiq - nous sommes tres bonbon.