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  fr-030: candytron
  the final version
chaos, ryg, gizmo, kb
2nd @ breakpoint 2003


fr-030: candytron (final version)

1. due excuse

  here we go. about 3 months too late, the candytron final is *finally* here.
  what should i say? as you probably noticed, the party version was majorly
  unfinished and barely made it to the deadline (with the last fix that was
  meant to correct the sound problems, which it didn't, submitted 10 minutes
  before the compo. oops). so, why did it take so long? well, good question.
  we had no impossible-to-debug or otherwise really nasty bugs and we didn't
  suffer major lazyness or unwill. however, all of us were occupied with
  other projects the last few months, which resulted in us working on the intro
  *after* each other instead of in parallel, making the process quite a bit
  lenghtier as you might imagine :)
  gizmo wasn't really satisfied with the party version, and during my month
  of work after the party i finally made some effects that were meant to be
  used in the intro all the time actually usable. which results in the content
  being *very* different from the party version (so this time, discussions
  whether the party version or final is better actually make sense :). we hope
  you like the new version.
  note: this is the 1.01 version, which fixes some bugs that only occured in
  pathological cases. sorry for those wo had problems with the 1.0 release :)
2. credits+greetings

  chaos - code (base system, 3d engine, texture generator, main tool code)
  ryg - code (mesh engine, postproc effects, exe packer, add. tool code)
  gizmo - textures, models, animations, timing
  kb - music, sound code, voice synth
  greetings to conspiracy, haujobb, kewlers, mfx, cocoon, kolor, freestyle,
  cap, fan, downlords, 3state, threepixels, black maiden, bypass, spinning
  kids, and, aardbei, pragma, t-rex, unique, tpolm, potion, madwizards,
  scenic, science and all the angry screaming hordes we forgot (as usual).

3. the lyrics

  come for me
  touch my skin
  feel my pain
  deep inside me
  i'm in a place i don't belong
  caught in this cage i sing my song
  she wants to be more than she is now
  she's josie, she's josie
  she wants to be more than she is now
  i'm so aloooooone
  she wants to be more than she is now
  she's josie, she's josie
  she wants to be more than she is now
  she's josie.
  (robot voices:
  'warning! subject is trying to break out'
  'begin countermeasures immediately.'
  'confirmed. chance of success: twenty percent.')
  find me
  i'm down here
  for you to come
  so come for me
  take on me
  touch my skin
  be the one to rescue me
  (reprise: caught in this cage i sing my song)
  ...or then, maybe i'm just making this up and she's actually singing inf's
  recipe for chocolate chip cookies. decide for yourself.

4. compatibility issues

  as of now, we've done some relatively thorough testing with all kinds of
  different systems and haven't encountered problems. this demo *should* work
  on pretty much anything satisfying our minimum specs of

    p2 400mhz or faster cpu (atleast 800mhz strongly recommended!)
    tnt2 or better graphics card (geforce2 level card recommended)
    256mb ram (might work with 128mb just fine, we didn't try it)     
    directx9.0 (or higher)

  should your system meet these requirements yet you still have problems
  running candytron, feel free to contact us. see section 6.
  big thanks must go to all our beta testers, especially ravian, ld0d,
  diver, crest, break, maali and cm.
5. the point

6. links+contact

  farbrausch homepage:
  how we do it: