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2003-06-01 23:03:41
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"men BRA!" by "Laviopra 13" 
Text till låten:  (texten har vi fått 
fram genom att starta så 
kallad "dictation" man pratar i 
mocrofonen så skriver programet 
det. Den klarade bara engelska 
men vi pratade svenska =)...... 
"Will piano wound to go, and you 
have to move beyond room 
acoustics of new votes, beyond 
me, and I’ll restore the yellow 
bleach, and need your mail was 
star declared road out, with old 
let’s know, you’ll vote of the 
immediate, and then RE I you in 
Sweden, boom my need to find 
it, ” but the path of perfect in the 
in the move”, by the new news of 
the, within the dare time in the 
death, judge Anthony A.R, men 
and women in duties, and Indies 
men and in yucca windy, and then 
matter any zero, zero a man 
woods, is a media have died in 
time, and then the them Ripken, 
the wounded, the dual Joe N. P. D. 
P., doomed since in the period 
gave him, to ten movement of the 
commitment, and E. E. D. in lieu 
gnomes, and can you win off wind 
film, holiday unions, not 
condemned, seek to stop dictating 

streaming music compo
   Birdie  13/2003