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Final results on June 1st, 2003.

These are the final results of BEASTIE BOYS A/V LOGO CONTEST HELD 11/02 - 03/03.

Additional informations and public announcements available at
Read the provided documentations for required emulators, codecs and plugins.

[ All Combined Compo ]

1.  625p   Very Wicked / Most Delicate by Padua
2.  610p   Taco Zip's Beastie Boys AV Megamix by Alex de Ras
3.  440p   Blue Steel by e0e
4.  420p   The Beastie Boys Back in Effect by Alan Alvarado
5.  255p   Intergalactic Planetary Invaders by Zachary Lewis
6.  205p   Beastiemission by pizzattack
7.  195p   38 Beastie Boys Logos by Chris Smith
8.  170p   Untitled by Alan Alvarado
9.  155p   Intergalactic: Bubblegun Remix by pizzattack
10. 150p   Purpose: To give an identity to the Beastie Boys by Jason A. Das
11. 140p   Pocket Beasties by Brad Butler
12. 110p   Song for the Man: Syntaxerror Remix by pizzattack
13.  80p   Eastie Oys Tie by Sista Say
14.  75p   Untitled by Bryan Mulholland
15.  70p   Spinnin by Charlie Schmehl
16.  60p   Storming the World by Paul C. Moran /
           Mind Mirage by Paul C. Moran /
           punk^Old Man SOL by Forest Dean Feighner /
           Julius B├Žstie Logo Family by Michael Shiroda /
           Logoniew by Yusuke Tamura


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