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Welcome to die Anderung 1.0!
We are a bit tired after weeks of rework for this release of the final version of the demo. The Party version was made (as usual) too much fast, so we took some time to finish all the sections and improve the engine a bit more.

There are a lot of changes since the party version. The appearance of some sections is completely new, while preserving the general orange tone. The camera movement has been synced with the music in some parts and there are a lot of small details in a lot of sections too. We feature a redesigned loader, surface deformations, a 3D objects and particles dynamic matrix effect, improved blur, sync and overall performance (about 20% faster than the party version on slow configurations).

The party version was presented under a MacOS X system. As there are not very much people out there with one of these machines we have a special video version for QuickTime. We choose QT because it is available both in mac and pc. We tried DivX too but the mac encoder is really bad. A video version for the final release will be available soon.

Any Problem?
If you experience any kind of problem with this demo, please let us know your configuration and operating system, it does not matter if it affects mac or pc.

The configurations
The prod has been tested in the following computers, running smoothly:
- PBook G4 867 + GForce 4 MX + 10.2
- PBook G4 867 + GForce 4 MX + 10.3
- PBook G3 600 + Radeon 7000 + 10.2
- PMac G4 400 + Radeon 7500 + 10.2

- W98 + Athlon 1400 + GForce 2 MX
- W2K + PIV 1600 + Radeon 7500

With ATI rage cards, (that were unfortunately used intensively with a lot of Macintosh below 500Mhz) which does not support Render to Texture, performance will slow down too much. We will provide a mpeg4 version to cover these configurations.

We cannot support configurations below MacOS 10.2 since the render to texture functionality (via hardware) was only implemeated in this version an ahead.

The credits
Kolian (
Merlucin (

Pinza (

3D modelling
XiMac (
MadGoblin (

2D Graphics
Trace (
Ximac (

Additional programming
Xphere (

Special thanks to Silenci for allowing us the use of his campusmac photography in the party version. This one has been removed in the final but you can still reach him at