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2003-08-09 23:02:33
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  • yessagician.nfo 1.41K
  • yessagician.tap 7.88K
  • yessagician_with_signature.tif 9.97K
  • yessagician_without_signature.tif 9.86K


Picture name: "Yessagician"
Author: Dbug/Defence Force^NeXT
Location in assembly: Olsdkool room, place B2/19
Computer: Oric 1/Oric Atmos/Oric Telestrat
Format: HIRES mode (240x200 in 8 fixed colors)

- The "yessagician.tap" file is an executable program that switch to HIRES mode, and load the picture. It can be directly used on any oric emulator (exist for PC/Windows and PC/Linux) such as "Euphoric".

- "yessagician_with_signature.tif" is simply a TIFF converted screenshot that includes "Dbug" signature.
- "yessagician_without_signature.tif" is simply a TIFF converted screenshot that does not includes any signature.

The 240x200 pixel ratio means that the picture is squished on the real machine, meaning that perfect circles appear as ellipses that are wider than taller. That's normal.

The .TAP file could actually be converted to a WAV file, to be loaded on a real Oric. But so far it looks like the Oric that "Twilighte" brings from UK is not working at all, and it's not outputing PAL composite signal anyway (just outputs a RAW RGB+SYNC signal, so far noone ever in a party managed to display an oric picture on a video projector, or to record the picture with a video recorder...)

I can install an emulator if requested, on any windows machine, you just have to know that "Euphoric" is a DOS emulator, so on some Windows 2k configuration it can takes some time to configurate before it works properly....