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 |_|  Alienate
( _ ) ==============================
 | |  Hooy-Program for Assembly 2003

128k required. USR0 mode. You know the score.
Supports General Sound and AY, Spectrum, Pentagon and Scorpion.
Choose your weapon.


Gasman: Code, ideas, gfx
Yerzmyey: Music (AY & GS), ideas, gfx
Habib: gfx
Amigo: has made gfx as a respectable guest :)

A note from Gasman: I couldn't move the blocks for GeneralSound to the end of the tape,
because they can only be loaded when the memory is empty :-/ Tape
users can just omit blocks 1-11 from the tape, though.

A note from Yerzmyey: If You wanna hear music for General Sound (and You have no the sound-card), You can just use perfect emulator which is Z80Stealth.
And be warned - TAP loads quite long on this emul (as - probably - on others emulz too) so be patient.