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.zoom3 (trance generation)

.a demo in 64k

.released at Assembly 2003

.by AND + Cybermag


.zoom3 (trance generation)
.a demo in 64k

.released at Assembly 2003

System requirements :
- P3-1Ghz
- video card with pixel and vertex
  shaders support (like GeForce(3,4,FX),
  Radeon8500 and higher)
  on latest drivers
- 128MB of RAM
- any sound card
- NT based Windows
- DirectX 9.0

Recomended system :
- Windows XP
- P4-2Ghz
- GeForce4 Ti4600 or GeForce FX5800

Note :
  Because of feature in nVidia driver its
  vertex shaders works incorrect on
  ATi hardware. Special for that there is
  two versions of executables :
  zoom3.exe - for nVidia stuff
  zoom3_ati.exe - for ATi stuff

Produced by :
  AND ......... code, idea, design,
                3d modeling, softsynth,
                speech, additional music
  Cybermag .... main music

Contacts :
site  : or
email :
ICQ   : 95516752

C U Later. byTe.