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       /// TRANSQLATION   ////////////
       64k   intro   from   Moonhazard

       Code :                   shadez
       GFX :               i0, ruuvari
       Music:                   jdruid

       Released   at   Assembly  2003.
       Note that music sync  may fuck
       up  on  slow  computers. Intro
       stays   in   task   bar  after 
       destroying window, dunno why..
       I hope it doesn't disturb  you
       that  much   or   something... 

       /// Greetings ////////////////
       Ananasmurska, Aspekt, Blobtrox
       Fingersoft,           Gluterol
       Matt Current,     Serialthrill
       Unique  and    the   others...

       5.8.2003   ::::   shadez / MHZ