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 4kb intro for the
 Assembly 2003
 by bca / karva





  by bca / karva

  4kb intro for the Assembly 2003, Finland.

  - some requirements -

   Windows 98/2000/XP
   some memory.

   + OpenGL compatible video card for people with hearing problems.
   + and a sound card for the blind people.

   - some information -

   noname.exe is my second 4k intro, the previous intro was called "the box"
   and released at Assembly 1998. This time intro is made for windows and uses
   OpenGL for rendering. Also i decided to choose no name for this intro. This
   is mainly because i was too lazy to optimize my code so font/text code didnt
   fit to this size.

   Anyway all this crap was mainly coded in pure C, compiled and linked with VC6.
   converted with upec and packed with apack.

   Anyway, see you next year at Assembly.

                                                                - bca / karva

   - contact -


    - note -

    Small footprint OpenGL init code made by Rasmus Christian Kaae (