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.a demo in 4k

.released at Assembly 2003

.by AND ( aka Dmitry Andreev )


.a demo in 4k by AND ( aka Dmitry Andreev )

.released at Assembly 2003

System requirements :
- PIII-1000
- 3D card of 5th generation or higher with latest drivers
  ( this version has been tested on all nVidia's cards
    from GeForce256 to GeForce4, and ATI's Radeon8500 )
- 128MB of RAM
- any sound card

Features :
- a lot of different parts and fine synchronization with
  music of a demo makes it looks like a big demos
- powerfull trance like music in 2 minutes
- visual simulation of multitexturing effects
- simulation of synthezed textures

The facts :
- 2 weeks of development since I've seen hugi27
- mostly has been programmed on C++
- rebirth like soft synthezer
- tracker like music representation
- no any textures, just nontextured blended polygons

You can find me at :
site  : or
email :
ICQ   : 95516752

C U Later. byTe.