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Date: 23th-24th August 2003 


Bronx 7D3 Party has been held in Kadikoy, Istanbul during 23th and 24th August 2003. There were more than 30 sceners that attended the party from different groups. Eventhough the number of attendants was almost same with last year's 7D2 Party (though more attendance was expected, admittedly), the general activity in the party was higher, this year. 
It was worth to see that almost everyone at the party was producing some stuff live. Also, it was surprising to see that most of the compo contributions were for C64. Those visitors who are not actually from the scene had experienced some nostalgia with all those different kinds of computers at the party place. During the first day of the party, lots of people were busy in setting up their hardware. It was interesting that some non-scener visitors also brought in their own equipment. The On-the-Fly compo that started in Saturday morning was possibly the biggest fun part of the party. On-the-Fly compo, which accepted only the products that were done during the party time and in party place, caused many sceners just to cut the crap and sit down in front of their computers to produce something until the deadline. Thus, simply because of this compo, the activity in the party got higher. Non-sceners have possibly found the chance to see people pixelling, composing and coding live, for a first time in their life times. About Saturday evening, the sceners got eventually tired, and a flow of non-official product demonstrations started, including some game engines and future demos, which was quite fun. Those who tried hard for the deadline stayed in the party place working all the night, some others fell asleep and there were some interesting views, for sure. Nonetheless, nobody seemed that tired because of the day before, during the Sunday morning. The number of the attendants increased as the deadline approached. Compo machines got prepared near the deadline. Eventhough there were some usual problems in setting up the compo hardware, all of the compo entries have been presented to the audiance. Twelve live entries took place, and that shows that the level of activity was quite high in the party, although the number of attendants was not high as expected. After a warm and fun filled session of competitions, there were hours of chat between the sceners that have not left the party place until very late hours. About sometime in Monday morning (yes!) everybody took the road to their homes, and another 7D party has finally ended.