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2002-05-13 23:02:57
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  • BASSMOD.dll 35.20K
  • cure.exe 93.00K
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The cure for cancer
Contraz, Excess, Inf and Kvasigen

contribution to the Underscore 2002

.The cure for cancer
(Contraz, Excess, Inf and Kvasigen)

(this version is fixed at bit, some
events in the .xm was deleted by
the stinking modplug tracker and/or

Kodenavn 1905

Vi har ikke glemt Jämtland og
Härjedalen, gi oss faenskapet

if this piece of crap dosen't work,
it is proabebly all my fault

Timing-trouble in win9x as far as
I know.

Likes win2k.
Needs mmx.
Also needs fast computer.
Maincoder is lazy. thats why.

Special thanks to Tech^Cellfish for
beer-providing help at the partyplace! 

Oh, how could I forget to thank Nelius
for letting me use his computer for
fixes at the partyplace?