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opengl windows demo
released at tUM 2002 in Mannheim

"debutro" released at tUM party 2002 im Mannheim, Germany

-f1rstro, the intro in 10Mb-

short demo featuring code, gfx, music and 
design by sultasan aka gaetano distefano


fry 27.dec.2002			
Experiencing the deadline sindrome.
by now i have finished to code most of the stuff.
the music as to be done, tho. 
i wonder i can make it. but no panic, i'll do it...
maybe i'll put some samples randomly toghether like 
i use to do, actually. :)

rand(); //rulez

sat 28.dec.2002
Getting rid of the deadline.
yuhu. done. and running. now i think i can go to sleep.
i haven't rested decently since thursday...sleeping in a
trainwagon is one of the most unconfortable thing.
maybe the partyplace floor will be more suitable.
on the megascreen a demoshow is going and i'm starting
to have allucinations. 
fine! :)


here's some credits for the other people's code i used:
thx to firelight technologies for FMOD soundsystem
thx to jeff molofee for the TGA loader
thx to nate miller for the timing routines


i started working on it just some days ago after various
experimenting, trials and errors.

my skill in coding is inferior than the one a musician could ever have with c code
my skill in composing is inferior than the one a graphician could ever have with a tracker
my skill in drawing is inferior than the one a coder could ever have with photoshop

so, don't bother :)


i realized my first demo completely on a notebook 
(celeron 1200mhz, 128mb RAM, graphic chip: radeon mobile)
here runs fine.
(that's the only configuration i've tested the demo on)
needs opengl support, obviously.

probably the code is sluggish (yum, real spaghetticode!)
i hope it won't crash running on the compomachine :)


the fantastic people at tUM party, for the good time i'm having.

then i should make the list of all the sceneguys i'd like to greet.
i'm tired... maybe later, uh? :)


i can't set the screen resolution.
actually the screen is yours and it's unfair to change
whatever belongs to you. :)
i know, i sux. 
f1rstro will run in the same resolution of your desktop.

expect a final version.

feedback -> 
gaetano "sultasan" distefano,