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                 "wszystko czas trzyma i w jego przestrzeniach
                      przemijaja pod niebem wszechswiaty"

                                                         -jan moor
              _______\         _________ ____ ______      _____
              \       \  ___ ________  /_\   /      \_____\   /___
              |\       \/_   \_       /    _/              \ /   /
              |__       /  ___ \__\_________/\        \_____/   /|
             ----\_____/___\-/_____\----------\ _az0!__\---/_____|-
                     m   a   d   w   i   z   a   r   d   s

                              are proud to present

             t  h  i  r  d    e  y  e    c  o  n  q  u  e  r  o  r

             our official contribution to combined demo competition
             at symphony demoscene festival2 held in tuczno, poland
             on jul/3rd-7th/2oo2 organised by prototype and friends

                            of curse it's a winner!
                         2nd time in a row at symphony!

             ----------- reproduced by following ghosts -----------
             lead art direction | visuals | keyframing | screenplay
                            soundtrack | arrangements
                            codework | co-direction
                          additional visuals | support
                 modelling | camera keyframing | texturemapping
                 modelling | texturemapping | camera keyframing
                           modelling | texturemapping
                              additional modelling

             ------------ with special appeareance of -------------
                              additional textures

             ------------------ detailed credits ------------------
             -all codework by kiero; soundtrack ("radio flavoured")
              by flapjack; all clip arts and typography by azzaro;

             -loader picture ("natsugoi") by azzaro;

             -part1 [erazor room] - modelled and textured by ubik,
              additional objects by prevent (erazor cat) and def,
              all lighting effects are realtime calculated; camera
              motions by ubik;

             -part2 [graveyards] - modelled and textured by spark;
              camera motions and keyframes by ubik; surface baking
              and shadows are realtime generated;

             -part3 [crash thorus] - background ("freonic") by
              azzaro; object and particle movements by kiero;

             -part4 [biomech] - background ("tec logo") by podo;
              modelled by prevent; letters texture by kiero;

             -part5 [particle cage] - background ("runaway") by
              azzaro; modelled by prevent; particle movements and
              surface shines are realtime calculated;

             -part6 [flowerhood] - modelled by prevent with using
              additional objects by ubik and def; camera movements
              by prevent; textures by ubik and raimo;

             -part7 ["universal conqueror"] image by azzaro & ubik;

             -part8 [gasoline pumpers] - modelled and textured by
              ubik; camera motions by ubik; skybox v2 by ubik using
              old one by prevent; foreground image ("hipoli") by

             -part9 [g-form] - modelled by prevent; camera movement
              by prevent; logo ("madwizards") by podo; environment
              texture on background by raimo;

             -part10 [cinematique] - modelled by prevent; objects
              fixes by ubik; texture by azzaro; rays of light are
              realtime calculated;

             -part11 ["modlitwa v2"] image by podo;

             -part12 [focus landing] - modelled by prevent; camera
              motions by prevent; background ("sacrifice") and
              foregounds by azzaro; environmental texture by raimo;

             -part13 [evening palace] - modelled and texturemapped
              by spark; camera movements and keyframes by ubik;

             -part14 [underwater] - modelled and texturemapped by
              ubik; camera motions by ubik; lighting effects are
              realtime calculated; foreground mask image ("garden
              of eden") by azzaro;

             -part15 [sterowiec] - modelled and texturemapped by
              ubik; camera motions by ubik;

             -endpart ["vienna cafe 2"] goodbye image by azzaro;

             ------------------- afterall notes -------------------
             three  days  demos  are  still enough for winning some
             parties  ;)  believe  it  or  not  but  this  demo was
             assembled  from the scratches in three days with a lot
             of  breaks  for  heavy  drinking  at  symphoy democene
             festival  2.   totally drunken kiero tried to optimize
             some  procedures  live  and  you  know  the  results -
             finally  we decide to show it on the bigscreen and not
             spread because of really unstability of those version.
             here  seems  to be the final release, but some effects
             still  don't  look  like we wanted them to.  sorry for
             the  little  delay.   anyway  -  enjoy another part of
             madwizards'  world tour - vienna this time.  as always
             we  invite you to any of polish party because we still
             don't  have  any  real  opponents in demo competitions
             here  :)  and foreign parties like m/s don't guarantee
             100%  chances for showing productions correctly to the
             audience  ;( kisses to kalmski and louie500 - 9 months
             to mekka 2003 and end of your era ;) cheers, perkele..

             -------------------- requirements --------------------
             poweramiga clone, warpos, warp3d, 56mb fastram, graphx
             accelerated card, ahi v4 and some libraries (included)

             --------------------- statement ----------------------
             this  is  sceneware  -  you  can't  take any money for
             spreading  this!  of course we (madwizards) as authors
             of  this  production  take  no  responsibility for any
             damages  which  this  demo  can make in your system or
             hardware ;) use and watch it at your own risk...

             ---------------------- regards -----------------------
             addict  amensty  anadune  appendix  bohema decree dual
             crew-shining   embassy   encore  ephidrena  farbrausch
             floppy  harvester  haujobb horizontal lamers kangooroo
             kolor  loonies  loveboat  luzik dizajn moons nah-kolor
             nature  nuance pic saint loup potion psb reason replay
             rno  scoopex  sunflower taski the black lotus twilight
             tpolm  uprough veezya venture whelpz and all forgotten

             ----------- this seems to be FINAL version -----------
             special  greetings to cdbeavis/prototype for providing
             us his poweramiga at party plce so we can finish those
             crapy  and  buggy  party version which won in combined
             deo  competition.   enjoy  this  final release at full
             pleasure and see you soon!  bonus reagrds to all other
             symphony 2 demo scene festival organisers.  you people
             are so fucking great!  let the be with you!

                    final touch on Fri Jul 19 00:58:19 2002