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aaah the colors!

by sprocket / razor 1911 ^ depth


released at solskogen 2002. the sunforest, that is. ^_^

this pic was made for the sole purpose of competing with izm. i had to rush it a bit, in fact i have never spent so little time on a full pic. it kinda ruined my party the compo day, and now i am tired and just wanna go outside. =)

hmm.. i drew it on a laptop, and therefore i got some bad contrast problems. i tried to fix it the fast easy lazy way in photoshop, but the result is so-so.
it's a bit sad, but i am sick and tired of drawing right now. ^o^

hehe, no i'm not gonna fix it later. =)

big hugs to all my scene friends!

well i'm off. yeeey, i can finally go outside again!