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2002-08-13 23:04:22
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  • ada\ada_files\data.dat 1.01M
  • ada\ada_sound\mellow.mp3 4.93M
  • ada\detached\libs\asyncio.library 15.31K
  • ada\detached\libs\jpeg.library 116.37K
  • ada\detached\libs\mpega.library 127.91K
  • ada\env_server 117.49K
  • ada\mwi-ada.exe 390.16K
  • ada\mwi-ada.txt 485B
  • ada\snd_server 75.67K


Title:	Another Dream Away
Group: Madwizaads
	Code: Kierownik
	Graphics: Azzaro , Budgie
	3D: Kierownik , Ubik
	Music: Substance

	This one requires about 40mb of memory,ppc, 3dacclerator and that's it,
	It was created especialy for this party during a meeting with out friends.
	Hope you like it.


	ps. set it about 100000 stack before runing.
	ps2. if you could try to run it on morphos+pegasos (there is a chance it will work)
		please use -fps param;)