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2004-07-24 23:08:56
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  • FINALVER/ dir
  • FINALVER/_tinan.exe 54.50K
  • FINALVER/bluwide.rff 8.35K
  • FINALVER/fide_id.diz 222B
  • FINALVER/fmod.dll 122.50K
  • FINALVER/nbugs.txt 871B
  • FINALVER/tinan.exe 54.50K
  • FINALVER/tinan.xm 419.64K
  • FINALVER/vertlogo.raw 112.50K


Tinan final.
Ranked 5th at ReAct 2002.

If tinan.exe doesn't work
  for you, try _tinan.exe.
If neither of the abone
  works for you, then you are lucky...

Nasty Bugs