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                  | Mekka Symposium 2002 |
                  |   Opening Ceremony   |
                  |         Text         |

| Credits
`------ --- -- -  -

                  Idea : sire
                  Text : halfbyte
                Actors : steeler . acryd . decca
                         halfbyte . chaotic
                         rawstyle . gandalf
              Graphics : sire
              Costumes : michael . halfbyte . steeler

| Script
`------ --- -- -  -
 // The elders sit in a half circle
 // Steeler approaches the elders and kneels

1st Elder speaks: "A heartily welcome, Steeler. Thou might wonder
                 why the elders hath asked you for thy presence."

 // Steeler nods slightly

2nd Elder speaks: "Times hath changed, my dear friend Steeler. 
                  Alas! Dark and cruel times seem to lie ahead"
3rd Elder speaks: "The devil has put his evil claw upon us and our
                  beloved scene. Our citizen and fellow sceners 
                  are threatened by evil ongoings"

4th Elder speaks: "Those that call themselves quakers and 
                  counterstrikers haveth gained unhealthy influence
                  on us. Those that are known as GIGA TV spread 
                  evil words to sicken our inner strengths. The 
                  stricken games of the IT industrie hath weakened 
                  our forces."

5th Elder speaks: "We hath therefore considered thee to lead a 
                  quest to defeat our enemies. Granted, thy road 
                  will be a tough one. But if thee will succeed, 
                  the honour will be all yours."

6th Elder speaks: "We have assembled the greatest of all warriors 
                  of code, graphics and sound in these halls. Lead 
                  them, Steeler, in a battle, to sustain our reign 
                  and to spread the spirit of the scene. For great 
                  justice !"

1th Elder speaks: "All the hopes of the scene lay now upon thy 
                  shoulders, young Steeler. If fate is on our side,
                  not before long, all evil will be ended, and the 
                  scene will indeed be a better place to stay."

2rd Elder speaks: "But if thee shouldst lose, doom is our destiny. 
                  We lay our future into thy hands. Therefore, 
                  I now ask thee, Steeler. Will thee take on this 
                  quest ? Will thee lead our warriors into the 
                  battle ? If so, speak up now!"

Steeler speaks:   "Yes, mylords! I am honoured with your trust."

3rd Elder speaks: "Then I will now, on behalf of our secret 
                  council, make you a knight. Bow down as you'll 
                  recieve the ranks of a Defender of the Scene 
                  from the blade they call 'Fat Agnus' the most 
                  powerful blade ever created by scenekind."

 // 3rd Elder knights Steeler.

4th Elder speaks: "Get up uon thy feet, SIR Steeler, and receive 
                  the sword, that shall be thine, for the time 
                  beeing. Use it to good effect and treat it well. 
                  Let it be thy guide on thy quest"

 // Steeler gets up and receives the sword

5st Elder speaks: "Now. You have listened to the words of the scene
                  elder. Go now, and speak to the army that is at 
                  thy feet now. Show us a way out of these dark 
                  times !"

Steeler speaks:   "I will, my Lords!"

 // turns around and lifts the sword towards the crowd.

Steeler speaks:   "My people. My fellow warriours. My trusted army.
                  You have received the words of the elder. Join me 
                  on my quest."

// Intromusic of Defenders of the crown.

Steeler speaks    "Now. To support me on my quest, my people, thou 
                  shouldst code a fastintro. It should be themed 
                  after the following keywords: Sword & Shield, 
                  Barrel of Beer, 3D Hair on a Maiden. Thou 
                  shouldst finish your work until the 2nd Hour of 
                  Sathurday after Noon."

// End of event