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                   pk is dead
                 final  release

              rio pan dixan wiss 
                spinning  kids

       ranked 4th at mekka symposium
        2002  fallingbostel germany 

the following bytes can be intended as info file

 yes,spinning kids are back after about 2 years 
 of  comfortable sleeping and jerking , and the 
 best party possible to  release our handful of
 bytes is, of course, mekka symposium!
 furthermore , this is our first prod featuring
 our friend wiss , who joined our crew to bring
 some fresh canadian flavour.
 let's point out the credits:
 code  : rio, pan, wiss
 design: pan, rio, dixan
 music : dixan

 and then some dues:
 firelight multimedia for fmod music system
 m. oberhumer & l. molnar for UPX packer 
 liz for her patience
 philip k. dick for his nightmares
 now, get some notes to contact us:
 web :

 I guess this is all you expected from this txt

Final words
 We would like to thank the people from 3state
 for their congrats mail just after the party =)


AreYouStillAlive /PK ? final words by pan

 Working on the design, I was inspired by the 
 book "Ubik" and the short novel "Misadjustment"
 both from Philip K. Dick (1928-1982).