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  aardbei 64k intro 2002
   - westside twiddly -

 * credits:

 system code, effect code and glueing

 textures, glueing and design


 * note:

 released on march 31st at MekkaSymposium 2002.

 this intro was made for fun. we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while producing it. produced 
 during autumn and winter 2001/2002. due to work and studies no time for earlier release. glued 
 together in the middle of februari 2002 at oyiseer's place in ├Ârebro, sweden.

 intro textures produced with ATS coded by rob/aardbei.

 music produced with realtime softsynth coded by steffo, zyrax, gnilk. YOU RULE!

 * parameters

 if, for some reason, the intro doesn't work, you can try these parameters:

  -t16b         : use 16 bit textures instead of 32 bit
  -v16b         : use 16 bit video mode instead of 32 bit
  -window       : run the intro in windowed mode
  -notnl        : don't use hardware tnl options
  -waitretrace  : wait for vertical retrace every frame (only nice for really fast computers)

 if you would like the intro to be loaded faster/slower (or just want to see the textures), try these:

  -savegfx      : saves/load all textures to/from harddisk
  -precalcmusic : precalculates music, loads slower, but runs smoother (you need more than 128 mb ram)

 * personal messages

 from rob:

 to oyiseer:
 really want to thank you for the great hospitality during my time in sweden. thanks for 
 showing ├Ârebro to me and for cooking all the nice food (elk, elk!). respect for the textures you made
 and the ideas you had. one thing though... dont ever drink 1 bottle of wine and 2 glasses of whiskey 
 in 15 minutes again: i really don't feel comfortable in a pub when a guy is touching my ass all the
 time ;)

 to okkie:
 thank you for arranging a trip to mekka! i hope we don't break our ankles ;) 

 to ile:
 thank you for being our taalnazi (and tony ;)

 from oyiseer:

 to rob:
 BIG RESPECT! Really nice that you came over here, i will for sure remember this for a long time.
 and i will try to not touch you at the ass next time ;)

 to all my non-sceners friends (you know who you are):

 you are so cute and friendly to me. ;)

 from both:

 to steffo:
 special thanks for taking your time producing such nice track, WE LOVE YOU!

 to oxygener and flow:
 thank you for giving it a try with the music. to bad it didn't fit with the intro.

 to distance:
 ? ;)

 * contact or

 * end

 thank you and goodbye.