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Short:    The Castle by Loonies, 2nd at MS02
Type:     demo/aga
Requires: AGA/CGX/P96, 16 mb fast, FPU

                                The Castle

                                by Loonies

                       2nd at the Mekka-Symposium 2002

                          final release version


Code:  Psycho, Blueberry
Music:  Booster
3D:  Maytz, Laika
Textures:  Farfar, Maytz


FPU, 060 highly recommended
Has been reported to run fine on 040s, however the movements are really
designed for smooth 25 fps operation.

AGA or CGX/P96
On real 060 Amigas AGA gives the best and most stable framerate(*),
so only use the CGX version if neccesary (or you got a *really* fast
(or emulated) machine).

1 MB chip ram, 16 MB fast ram (for the aga version)
The more chipram the smoother operation(*), so if it is skipping frames
try on a clean boot (really only applies to 060s).

(*) We are introducing a "multibuffer" queue-like system instead of a simple
double or triplebuffer. This makes it possible to save up frames in the fast
parts of the scenes and using them in the slower parts. This effectivily
turns our 25 fps requirement from a worst case to an average case requirement.
The queue is allocated in chip ram, the longer the queue the better it works.

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