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:: neurotica e.f.s

:: hype 2002

:: coenzyme q10

:: requires dx8.1 [and likes fast computers]

yes, yes, y'all.. live and direct from hype 2002..


onez 'n' zeros
	freaking dooz	

about this fantastic product


  Co-Q-10 is necessary for energy production in every cell of the human 
  body. This naturally occuring, vitamin like substance is found 
  primarily in the heart. Co-Q-10 is a nutrient necessary to the 
  functioning of every cell in our bodies. If body levels start 
  dropping, so does our general health. Scientists estimate that once 
  levels drop below the 25% deficiency level, many disease states begin 
  to flourish including high blood pressure, heart attack, angina, 
  immune depression, peridontal disease, lack of energy, weight gain and 
  even early death. 

  Co-Q-10 and Energy 

  Co-Q-10 is also known as ubiquinone. It is a member of the quinone 
  cyclic compounds that may be considered a relative of some potent 
  anti-cancer drugs. Co-Q-10 can add or remove oxygen from biologically 
  active molecules. Every cell of the body contains many subcellular 
  components called mitochondria, which produce 95% of the total energy 
  of the body. Co-Q-10 is an integral part of the membranes of the 
  mitochondria where it is involved in the production of ATP, the basic 
  energy producing molecules of the cells.