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oezgyrs - the next generator

released at buenzli #11

rumzeus - code, gfx
deemage - synth code, gfx
lousy - sound

you need:
-a decent machine
-a little patience for the "hairy loading bar(tm)"

we respect:
3state, aardbei, abyss, AND, andromeda, bomb, buenzli staff, bypass, byterapers, calodox, CNDC, cocoon, cryonics, daftno!ze, elitegroup, exceed, fake that, farbrausch, frozak, haujobb, hirmu, hugi, da jormas, kewlers, kolor, maturefurk. noxious, pain, polka brothers, popsy team, scoopex, smash design, spinning kids, vantage

oezgyrs - we deliver quality