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a 4k-intro in textmode(tm) for Linux (i?86). 

 Coded by Juippi <> 
 Bumpmap-effect by Trilkk, fractal-math by Warma

 Run in a text console, not in an Xterm (colours won't work). MMX-support and 
OSS-compatible /dev/dsp (for sound) required.

 XXXX is a small shell script that starts the intro. You shouldn't run XXXX directly, 
as you won't be able to quit the intro by pressing esc then (it's required by the
compo rules), and it might also leave your terminal a bit messed up (althought it
shouldn't, unless you press ctrl-c during the intro).

 An 80x50 console is _strongly_ recommended. However, the intro can also be run
in a 25-line console, althought it will look even uglier. There's also a nosound-mode,
which is not recommended, but it's there because of the compo rules. 

 When run without arguments, the intro will run with sound and assume an 80x50-console.
With one argument (any), it will run in 80x50 -mode without sound. Two arguments
mean 80x25 and sound, and three 80x25 without sound. So, for example
'XXXX fap fap' will run the intro in 80x25 -mode with sound.




 thanx&greets: milk boy, saara-- (for letting us test this with their 
machine), anakin, juhoh

vittu meni aika tiukalle taas asdf