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"Märkä Apina" / "Inside a wet monkey" by Simo Santavirta (c)2002


"...Wet monkey is a certain human character. Wet monkey
cannot express himself in any ways. People cannot 
understand him because of that. He's often very depressed
and confused. People don't know what he is and maybe 
because of that they hate wet monkey. Wet monkey always
tries to stay hide. He scares other humans.

Wet monkey has many ideas in his head. He doesn't 
understand them so he scares his own mind too. Wet monkey 
cannot tell anyone about his problems, because he cannot talk.
Sometimes a wet monkey goes to weird places that people 
could notice him, but often he gets a very violance answer.

Wet monkey ends his days by his own hands,
still he cannot die, because he has not left..."


Created by Simo Santavirta

Music by Robert Blomerus

and by Under Crying Skies

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thanks for reading this :)
Have a nice day :G