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Wir sind raus - und stolz darauf! by AntiFlashKonsortium 2002

I. System requirements:

- Java JRE 1.4 or greater 
- Java3D 1.3b2 OpenGL-Version or greater 
                           (there are some funny rendering bugs
                           with 1.3final) Some effects are not 
                           supported by DX8 Version of Java3D
- A OpenGL 1.3 compatible card (Geforce1/2/3/4 or ATI Radeon 7200/7500/8500)

- A 1Ghz Pentium III/IV or AMD Athlon

- 128 Mbyte RAM

II. Story

Wir sind raus - und stolz darauf is German and means:
We are out - and proud of it.

Some might now ask what do you mean by we are out - 
and proud of it?

Simple the AntiFlashKonsortium is quitting the scene as
many did before and we are proud to quit it, because
it got extremly lame over the past few years. Alot of
the great sceners from the early and mid 90s have long
gone from the scene and now the PC scene is mostly
dominated by a bunch of wanna-bes who think design 
rules over code. So all the demos and intros are so 
lookalike  and all use the damn same effects but hey
they have design (*not*). Of course there are still
some exceptions to these, but these exceptions get
fewer and fewer.

AFK has members from Mr.Bios/phakeTech/OtakInc/AntiBlur
and we have followed the scene since 1993 and became
active 1996. We think the PC scene has evolved technically
till 1998 and then it suddenly stopped.
Nowadays even commercial showoff-demos from companies
look more impressive than demos

We think with this demo we have shown that:

Demos can be coded even in Java today (using J3D)
but still contain interesting new effects like:

- Sillhouette-rendering
- CubeEnvironment-mapping
- ToonShading
- Cool/Warm-Shading
- Relativistic Lorentztransformation

So people should concentrate more on new effects
than on which tools they should use to create them.