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  a Grin+Trauma production
Platform:	Win32
Contact Emails:	mikko at fathammer dot com
		lauri at fathammer dot com
		jetro at iki dot fi
Spam us and die.

We didn't have the time to finish this, sorry. Have fun.

From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

	Main Entry: fa·ble 
	Pronunciation: 'fA-b&l
	Function: noun
	Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin fabula conversation,
	           story, play, from fari to speak
	Date: 14th century
	: a fictitious narrative or statement:
	as a : a legendary story of supernatural happenings
	   b : a narration intended to enforce a useful truth;
	       especially : one in which animals speak and act like human beings 


Mikko Liimatainen	aka Mik		code   / 3D engine
Jetro Lauha		aka tonic	code   / Demo composition
Lauri Mäki		aka Random	gfx    / Animation, modelling, texturing
Samuli Viikinen		aka Prager	gfx    / Modelling, texturing
Jyri Ullakko		aka Stallone	gfx    / Animation assistance
Antti Tiihonen		aka John Peeba	gfx    / Sketching
Sara Kapli		aka st Rana	gfx    / Sketching + Additional Modeling + Story tweaking
Jari Komppa		aka Sol		design / Story + script
Kai-Eerik Komppa	aka Nitro	design / Storyboard + Narration recordings
Tero Kostermaa		aka Teque	music  / Soundtrack
Robert J. Mical		aka RJ Mical	acting / Narration

HW requirements:
- reasonably fast CPU (about 1Ghz will do fine)
- DX8 accelerated 3D card with HW vertex shaders
- 256M RAM

Special thanks go to Random's wife for bearing two sweaty nerds in her house for almost 3 weeks.