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Screenshot (by pouë



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Another example of what happends if you refuse to let artists help you...

By the way...

cod/gfx: gosub
sfx: dallas

oh.. and curly rocks on 3d modelling !!!!!!
And lator has a FAST computer for the SLOW UPX system !!!!
Seffren is quite bad at design by the way :...
Carrion is a damn anoying person when he gets to drunk.. (en jävla bonnöl)
Zulle är multimeda kommunist !!! o JÄTTE farlig hacker !!!
Aeroba e fett med IT:.
Anvil behöver en bil..
Gosub behöver fanimej lugna ner sej och sluta knarka på demopartyn


Well.. the precalc time in the begining is QUITE LONG !!! and ehm.. just wait
the black screen is nice ;))