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win32 port by kb^FR


Hi, kb here... I wanted to see that intro, and i was bored. Sorry.
No guarantees that this intro looks anyhow like the original, but i think
it qualifies as "intro" and it's quite similar to what i remember from
seeing the original version at TP. So have fun.

Credits go to
- 216 for main code
- kb for porting
- Dixan for music
- Gaffer Software for TinyPTC
- Firelight Multimedia for MiniFMOD
- The Artist Formerly Known As Doctor Roole for the reverb plugin
- Ryg for some additions and exe packer
- NO SDL code used (screw you, penguin fuckers)

kb/farbrausch 2002 -

original infofile coming up:

mfx goes open-source(*):


a 'crap in two weeks' intro

requires the following:

a linux
a libmikmod
a libsdl
a libbzip2
a glibc

(aaand somewhat recent versions of each. i have debian unstable, except fixed with
some cvs-versions of some libs so it's not very outdated stuff i'm linking into...
and -dev of each if you want to recompile for some reason or another)

code: 216
music: dixan
freecell: uncle-x


phn, kooma, haujobb, exceed, calodox, retro a.c, damage, farb-rausch, byterapers,
doomsday, dekadence and all the rest...

contact: (216) (dixan) (uncle-x)

(*) so you want to start making quality linux-demos?
everything you need is included in the package. the code is conformant
to the finest standards and an excellent starting point for newbies to
learn what it is all about. in no way it is done tired in 4am with quickly
copypasted old crap and halfway optimized actually slowing it down or
anything like that. enjoy.

yeah, and if you're a god or something this way you can translate it
to windoze too:) (getting working libs for my old vc5.0 is not a too easy
task these days.. but maybe you'll have better luck)